The opportunity to practice Ashtanga yoga for the last three months has been a big challenge and very rewarding. I am full of gratitude for the teachers, sponsors, and friends I've met along this path that have quite literally saved my life.

My addiction isolated me. I hated my life, myself, and just wanted to run away. Accepting help was practically impossible. Eventually, I got desperate enough to keep coming back, to start those 12 steps, and try every day, I got happier, and life is opening up again.

This practice is so similar in that way, the discipline of regular practice, facing my weaknesses, being vulnerable and asking for help, the willingness to try something new. Don't you know how undisciplined I am? What a broken person I've become? I'll never be able to do that. I can't. Yoga, recovery, spirituality, etc... won't work for me...

It has worked. I feel like I'm really walking in the right direction, it's a very strange feeling!!! I'm also not alone anymore. Very grateful.

Written by Chris S., a Trini sholarship recipient in Napa, CA