As Taylor sat in India finishing his memoir, A Way From Darkness, he contemplated the next chapter of his life and his path serving others. The natural progression seemed to be starting a foundation to share the practice of Ashtanga yoga, which had transformed his life, with others in need. Here is an excerpt from the afterword of the book…

The first day of 2016 was also the one-year anniversary of Ashtanga Yoga Columbus (AYC). I’m feeling very grateful to have such a supportive group of students and teachers who make it possible for me to do the work that I love and to spend time with my teacher in India. I had plenty of doubts when I first opened the shala, but we’ve had an amazing first year. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach some of the coolest people I know, people who I not only call students, but also friends. They are committed to helping me sustain the community and build on the larger vision of what AYC can offer to Columbus.

As part of that vision, Jess and I have decided to establish a foundation dedicated to sharing Ashtanga yoga with people who are struggling with addiction and with individuals in other underserved communities. We understand that not everyone has the resources to practice at AYC, so we want to extend the reach of our teaching to include a more diverse population. Our experiences have taught us that change is always possible and that yoga is a healing practice. We want to share a message of hope with as many people as possible. It’s part of our ongoing twelfth step work. 

So, we got to work setting up a non-profit, the Trini Foundation, to share Taylor’s vision with the world and help others struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.