Scholarship Program

Through the scholarship program, the Trini Foundation offers tuition assistance at Ashtanga yoga studios around the country to individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. These scholarships give everyone in the community access to the life-changing practice of Ashtanga under the supervision of trained yoga teachers. Partial and full scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

Click here to complete the Student Questionnaire and Scholarship Application.  Please note you must complete both in order to apply . The application link will be provided at the conclusion of the questionnaire.

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Treatment Center Classes

The Trini Foundation works with treatment centers and other recovery programs to bring the healing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We know that when a person first gets sober, it is just the beginning of a life-long journey. It’s the Trini Foundation’s mission to support the recovery process during this critical time. Classes are run by experienced instructors who are prepared for the difficult situations and questions that may arise within the recovery community.



Yoga in Underserved Communities

Trini Foundation strives to reach a diverse group of people by bringing Ashtanga yoga to other underserved or high-risk populations such as prevention services for delinquent youth and community programs seeking to reduce the impact of addiction. We seek to provide yoga to all who may benefit from the practice, regardless of their access to a local facility, or funds to support ongoing dues. 



Yoga in Prisons & Alternative Treatment Programs

The Trini Foundation supports the rehabilitation process of incarcerated individuals by teaching Ashtanga yoga in prisons, halfway houses, and alternative treatment programs. We have found these individuals to be extremely receptive to the breath and meditation-focused aspects of Ashtanga yoga. By bringing this practice to those in the criminal justice system, we seek to positively affect their lives while incarcerated and ease the transition back into society when the time comes.



Ashtanga and Addiction Forum

Ashtanga Yoga Columbus, in conjunction with the Trini Foundation, offers a series of workshops that allow teachers to effectively share Ashtanga yoga in the communities we serve. We believe that individuals who are struggling to get sober are best helped by those who have been specifically trained in working with addicts. The forum provides this training as well as an in-depth study of the traditional Ashtanga method. Ashtanga Yoga Columbus graciously donates a portion of the proceeds from the forum directly to the foundation.



Outreach Programs and Cooperation with the Professional Community

The Trini Foundation participates in community awareness and outreach programs. We work with wellness professionals, policy makers, and public health agencies to bring increased resources to those who are struggling with addiction. We also partner with therapists, nutritionists, and life coaches to help those newly sober gain the skills necessary to successfully navigate the road to recovery. We aim to do more than simply help someone make an initial return to society; we seek to support them as they become involved in their communities and assemble new lives.